Lichtbende moves heaven and earth in a lampshade.

A family show without words, for all ages, 20 or 45 minutes

A contemporary fairy tale about love, sorrow and struggle narrated in a special way with beautifully designed images, ingenious shadow theater technique and live accordion music

Two touching flies meet in the light of a table lamp that houses another whole world of fabulous creatures. They get entangled in the most bizarre situations where all view of reality disappears. A possessed collector in his land of bottles, a heaven where flowers are not flowers and toy figures come to life. In a carousel of emotions, imagination and reality tumble over each other. Luckily the flies are real, aren't they?
An absurdist play of shadow and light in the vast universe of a lampshade.

LICHTBENDE brings light to life with live animations. Poetic associative light art performances in which music, visual art and theater merge into a cinematic adventure. You see with your own eyes how the performance is made with everyday objects and materials that are brought to life manually with inventive light and shadow techniques and live music.

After the performance, a short demonstration follows, where the children can ask their "how-to-what-questions".

Marie Raemakers
, Rob Logister (visual animation)
Wilco Oomkes  / Kaat Vanhaverbeke (music accordion, synthesizer)


Marie Raemakers
and Rob Logister (production, script, visuals)
Wilco Oomkes (music)
Jeannette van Steen
(final directIon)






20 or 45 minutes
no language - all ages

max. 100 spectators

NVP Unima:
Karel Van Ransbeeck, artistic director of Theater De Spiegel, Antwerp.
"Lichtbende brought a 20-minute try-out of an already strong and magically stunning living room performance, Fly me to the Moon. Two round tables with round shades and projection screens are inventively played by a man, Rob Logister and a woman, Marie Raemakers,
the solid core of the Lichtbende. Love scenes are peppered with live accordion music by Wilco Oomkes. These were their first attempts at a light show that should become a full-length production. It was already of a quality and subtlety to fully enjoy."