Theatre with live music and live projections

all ages - no language


RING-RING   2021

A coproduction with Hermark Classical Suzhou and the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center

A fairytale depicted through light and live music after Wagner.

Ring-Ring is a bicycle bell that unfortunately gets separated from its frame. Lost but courageous, he sets off for reunion. Fate leads him past enchanting landscapes but also dangerous places full of strange creatures and unexpected encounters. An endearing adventure full of joyful but also tricky moments. Whether his quest will be rewarded remains exciting until the end.

45 minutes - no language - all ages


Fly me to the Moon   2020

A man and a woman are sitting at two tables in the light of two table lamps.
The beginning of a journey with bizarre and cheerful creatures in fabulous landscapes.
A mythological tale of gods and demons disrupted by an adorable fly.
An absurdist play of shadow and light in the vast universe of a lampshade. Nothing is what it seems.


45 minutes
Festival version 20 minutes
no language - all ages

max. 100 spectators


Me and the flea  2017

A hilarious slapstick about an adorable stray dog with unwelcome guests. A bizarre world in itself.
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minutes - no language - all ages 4+


TUTU 2014


With her red shoes a young girl dances. From her first dance passes you follow the happy but sad moments of her life.
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minutes - no language - all ages 6+


POUFFF  2012

With a rising sun, Poufff's musical light-story starts, an adventurous bird in search for his kind.
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minutes - no language - all ages 4+


KlikKlak takes you into a magical world of minuscule objects that come to life extensively.
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minutes - no language - all ages 4+