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With its performances Lichtbende brings light to life, fusing visual arts, music and theatre. Combining antique magic lanterns with live (new) music, since 2010 Lichtbende has created light art performances which make a multi-layered reality visible and tangible. Authentic and honest musical light theatre, created with lots of craftsmanship and love.

Stories without words, captivating a breathless audience. The stories are created with magic lantern images on a gigantic screen, moved and brought to life on the spot, connecting seamlessly with the live music. You see with your own eyes how the show is being created; the artists themselves sit and perform in front of the projection screen.

With its poetic associative shows Lichtbende is a highly respected name in the international performing arts world. For anyone who is open to new forms of theatre and who wants to be taken to a wonderful music- and light world.

By drawing on the original form of audiovisual media, Lichtbende ingeniously shows the magic involved in the creation of the first light images. The magic lantern is the film projector avant la lettre, invented in 1659 by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens.


Marie Raemakers & Rob Logister - production, concept, visuals, technique, stage plan
Jeannette van Steen - dramaturgy, final direction
Axel Schappert, Alex Simu, Helene Jank, Wilco Oomkes, Jorick Bronius - music composition


Marie Raemakers -  visuals, technique and performer

Rob Logister - visuals, technique and performer

Rop Severien -  puppeteer and actor



Axel Schappert - trombone, tuba

Alex Simu - clarinet, flute

Helene Jank - multy instruments and vocals

Wilco Oomkes - acordion, synthesizer

Jorick Bronius - percussion, live electronics



Gerrie Meijers - organ

Jacqueline Hamelink - cello

Björk Níelsdóttir - vocals

Nina Künzel - vocals