ME and the FLEA

A familiy show with live music and animation.   4+


in theaters starting October 2017


"Me and the flea" is a bizarre and exciting slapstick about an adorable street dog that found a new home with a caring family. What the family does not know is that there is a family of fleas hidden in its fur ... A terror for the entire household! However, this mood will soon end when the family's child takes the dog to bed overnight and wakes up in the morning full of red spots. What to do, send the dog away or fight the fleas? They choose that latter. The house is thoroughly cleaned and the fleas fought in all possible ways. But that does not happen just like that. A witty, somewhat absurd story with a surprising ending.

LICHTBENDE creates 'light art performances'. Enchanting stories with music, visual arts and theater, performed ‘live', right before your eyes. It’s a live form of animation, projected on a large screen with antique magic lanterns. A unique experience for young and old.

"Me and the flea" is a 50 minutes family show without words, for all ages 4+
After the performance, a short demonstration follows, where the children can ask their "how-to-what-questions".

PERFORMERS: Marie Raemakers, Rob Logister, Rop Severien (projection performers), Helene Jank (music).

Marie Raemakers and Rob Logister (production, concept, images), Helene Jank (music), Jeannette van Steen (director).


Photo´s Rob Logister


       Kingdom of the Netherlands